We’re all unique. Yet some of us are more unique. Very cool people are here in the list and you should spot their uniqueness quite fast.

Tiniest man alive – 59.9cm

Junrey Balawing is the shortest man alive, a title he snatched from Nepalese Khagendra Thapa Magar immediately after turning 18. Despite being an adult, he looks like a 2-year-old that went on a growth strike. This little man from the Philippines is eager to find love and marry. Now here’s a real challenge. All the odds are against you when statistics say 99.999% of all women are taller.

Two-headed Girl

Abby and Brittany Hensel are two women who share one body. Born in 1990, the girls have two separate heads and personalities. Although they share many of their internal organs, they also have separate hearts and spines. Doctors told their parents the girls wouldn’t survive long after birth, but every day, these amazing women are proving the doctors wrong. Each woman controls half of their shared body, yet they have learned to play sports, type, swim, drive and do everything else a normal woman can do.

Largest breasts

Yes, we know you like this one. Beshine, also known as Mayra Hills, is an adult film star who holds the record for the world’s largest augmented breasts. She started as an A cup, and over the years, she has gotten regular injections to expand her implants, making her bra size today 32Z. Beshine has named her breasts Boobie and Doobie and says they weigh 40 lbs. To put that into perspective, some microwaves weigh 40 lbs. Wow – that’s a lot of extra weight to be carrying around.

Longest tounge

18-year-old Adrianne Lewis from Michigan claims to have the world’s longest tongue. While the world record currently belongs to Nick Stoeberl, whose tongue clocks in at 3.97″, Adrianne’s supposedly measures 4″.

Very stretchy skin guy.

Gary “Stretch” Turner is an amazing human being with the stretchiest skin. Born with a rare condition that causes his skin to be twice as thin than it should be, he’s able to flatten the skin on his belly into a table that can hold three pints of beer.

3.46 inch long nose guy

Turkish man Mehmet Ozyurek has the biggest schnoz in the world, at an incredible 3.46 inches! His nose was last measured in 2010, but since your nose continues to grow throughout your life, something tells me it’s not shrinking.

Human Barbie

Valeria Lukyanova has spent years slowly transforming herself into the world’s first human Barbie. Over the years, she has had to undergo breast implants, as well as follow an all-vegetarian diet and hit the gym daily. Born in Moldova and now living in Moscow, Lukyanova claims not to have had any plastic surgery or body modification, other than her boobs. Though she is most famous for her looks, Valeria does hold a bachelor’s degree in architecture, so at least she has something to fall back on if the whole Barbie thing doesn’t work out for her.

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