This is the list with unusual tourist pictures taken while they were on holidays or similar. Some get you thinking lol.

Stingray Photobomb!

These girls were off snorkeling at Stingray Island in the Cayman Islands when this stingray decided to pop up and photobomb their picture.

Bull’s Eye?

One of tourists’ most interesting thing to do in foreign countries is, of course, creating a like-worthy picture next to a statue. Our funny guy here decided to look at things from another perspective, and probably got the most likes without even showing his face.

The Statement?

“They all take dumps in the ocean, so what’s wrong with me doing it on the shore? I think I’ll even take a picture to show how proud I am. This is a normal tourist thing to do, right? Right?!”

Behind the scenes?

While everyone is busy creating the classic and very ‘unique’ picture supporting the Leaning Tower of Pisa, someone actually took a moment to capture that craziness. On the bright side, the tower has nothing to worry about after all – they are all here to catch it if it falls.

Chillax, it’s summer time…

It’s fair to let the bus driver chillax too, it’s summer after all. This one is taken a bit back in one of the auto camps in Europe.

Say “Cheese”???

Picture is worth a thousand words, they say.

Is this even OK to share?

What to say? Travelling is always good to meet new cultures and expand horizons, right?

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