It’s a list of amazing and almost unbelievable list of things our scientists find while looking out from Earth, into unexplored and infinite space.

The Diamond Planet

The most famous gems on Earth have new competition in the form of a planet made largely of diamond, astronomers say. The alien planet, a so-called “super-Earth,” is called 55 Cancri e and was discovered in 2004 around a nearby star in our Milky Way galaxy. A few years ago, scientists reported that the star at the center of a solar system 40 light-years from our own.

Castor System – 6 stars like Sun

Castor is 51 light-years away from Earth. The combined apparent magnitude of all six stars is +1.58, meaning 158% of the sun strenght. Castor was recorded as a double star in 1718 by James Pound.

A Massive Electric Current about 200% size of our galaxy

Emanating from a nearby black hole, this current is over 1.5 times the size of the Milky Way. It would take millions of years for us to travel around such object with current propulsion engines we have available.

Large Quasar Group, so big it breaks laws of physics

Although above is huge, the LGQ is ever bigger. It’s forty thousand times larger than our galaxy and even breaks some standard laws of physics. It’s beyond our comprehension.

Mickey Mouse On Mercury

Just a funny random amazing thing. This set of craters, mountains and other terrain make up the face of Mickey Mouse. Wouldn’t you agree?

Star 1,500 Times The Size Of The Sun

VY Canis Majoris is incredibly big star. Sun is about 1.3 million times bigger than Earth, and if you multiply that further to get ratio in size for Earch and Canis – it’s mindblowing number.

A Cold Star. Only 89 degrees fahrenheit, 31 celsius

We’d have a nice holiday time there, just a perfect beach weather. Tho, since it’s a star, there might be no water to swim in :)))

White Holes – might allow for time travel

While in fact purely theoretical, there are some scientists who support existance of Black hole’s opposite – the White Hole. And speculations say it may allow for time travel. Who knows 🙂

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